Stewardess and Student: Getting smarter and improving my online copywriting

It appears that I am a serial student. I tweeted this abbreviated student history the other day (@skattijay):

I have been a Rhodes, Stellenbosch, and now I am a UCT student (GetSmarter)!Excited to start the Copywriting for Online Marketing course.

Last year, I did Quirk’s 10 week Digital Marketing course via correspondence while working on MY Solaia with live aboard owners. At times, I thought I wasn’t going to pass every module with limited time, space and energy to study. However, I persevered and graduated with distinction. My certificate is waiting for me at home in Cape Town [Thanks Dad for collecting it at the post office].

Half a year later, I’m doing it again. It’s week two and I have just submitted my GetSmarter UCT Copywriting for Online Marketing short course Module 2 assignment.

I’m not a conventional student who has a day office job and evenings free. I work as a super yacht stewardess day and night 7 days a week on a boat travelling along the USA East Coast. As such, I couldn’t have bought an iPhone 5 at a better time. I have read most of the course readings on my new toy in between stewardess duties.

A few nights ago we were berthed in Chelsea, New York City. I escaped the confines of our tiny cabin (where I can’t sit up properly on my top bunk) in search of a nearby Starbucks aka. nomad study hall.

After ordering a caramel frappaccino with an extra shot of expresso, I found a free spot to finish the readings and complete the practice quiz. Sadly Starbucks closes at 10pm so I walked back to the boat to continue with the module.

Words, punctuation ping pong around my brain while I get smarter

Words, punctuation ping pong around my brain while I get smarter

Once back on my top bunk, I started the assignment which was like walking into a danger zone guest cabin. Think beyond disgusting bathroom, mascara smeared on satin wall panels, and finger prints everywhere – basically a stewardess’s nightmare. We were presented with an extremely badly written article that we had to correct, restructure and rewrite.

Just as I was making some progress, I saw it was already midnight. I was on breakfast duty the next morning so had to be on deck around 6:30am. With a sigh realizing that I am not superwoman, I closed my Mac Book Pro and tried to clear my mind to enter dream land.

That extra shot of expresso in my Starbucks: EPIC FAIL! I had words, punctuation, and random phrases bumping against the walls of my mind like a particularly charged bouncing ball.

2am: I tried to clear my mind and visualize black emptiness. Nope. That one assignment question was gnawing at my brain. I continued to reorder words into phrases to achieve a copywriter’s ‘high five’.

2.30am: Asleep finally.

Getting Smarter in between stewardess duties

Getting Smarter in between stewardess duties

Two weeks down, five to go. I will let you know how it goes. So far, I am thoroughly enjoying the course content and am currently making a conscious effort to improve my writing.

For those of you who are bored and crave some mental stimulation, check out the wide variety of UCT Get Smarter short courses on offer. My Dad (John Wilter) will be running the Human Resources Management course next year. Proud daughter 🙂

It’s almost midnight again and another long day tomorrow. Thank goodness I had a cup of coffee about seven hours ago. Good night.

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3 Responses to Stewardess and Student: Getting smarter and improving my online copywriting

  1. hayley says:

    I love this Katie! thoroughly enjoyed reading it. So proud of you X

  2. Jackie Wilter says:

    SUPER DAUGHTER! You GO GIRL! So proud of you. You’re an inspiration!!!
    xxxx Mom

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