Gustaf and the MY Emelina Crew explore Washington DC

Gustaf and the MY Emelina Crew explore Washington DC

Gustaf and the MY Emelina Crew explore Washington DC

You first met my wee little traveling gnome, Gustaf, a few weeks ago when Sam and I discovered him in a tiny box at a Barnes & Noble store in West Palm Beach, Florida.

He has been cooped up in our cabin for the last while (next to my troll) and has been itching to venture out. He was so excited that he almost dropped his basket of flowers when I picked him up and put him in my handbag. With the afternoon off, half of our crew and Gustaf set out on a mission to see Washington’s famous monuments.

In three hours, we walked along the Mall (No it is not a shopping mall. It’s a large park area scattered with famous Landmarks) and visited the Washington Monument, the Vietnam War Memorial, the Lincoln Monument [think Forest Gump protest rally scene and ‘I have a dream’] and then ventured towards the White House. Unfortunately Michelle Obama was taking a break from pottering around her garden so we didn’t get the opportunity to invite her for dinner on the yacht. Maybe next time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Gustaf and the crew loved exploring the sites, posing for photographs like corny tourists while absorbing all the USA history.

Once we had ticked off the main sites, we were parched so decided to find an outdoor bar for a cold beer and snack. We walked for miles and landed up in China Town. By this stage, Gustaf the gnome was so exhausted from the hours of walking that he almost had a tantrum. Fortunately, we found a shady spot and ordered pitchers of ice-cold beer and some BBQ chicken wings.

Gustaf got a little over-excited about his first beer and unfortunately landed up swimming in it. That was the end of his day out! Until our next afternoon off Gustaf will have to sit on my bedside shelf dreaming of his next adventure ๐Ÿ˜‰

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