‘I’ve got $20 in my pocket’ at the Griffon in Charleston, South Carolina

With a free evening to roam the streets of Charleston, South Carolina; a few members of our crew headed out to explore the night life. After a quick bite to eat, our waitron suggested we walk down the street and have a drink or few at his local watering hole, The Griffon.

As we approached the front entrance, I thought ‘O, how nice another Irish pub’; however, as we walked inside I felt as if I had walked into a whirlwind of $1 bills. The walls are covered….and I mean completely clothed…in $1 notes decorated with visitors’ messages.

No wonder The Griffon has been described as “unapologetically awesome” with it’s laid-back yet friendly bar staff, vast selection of beers and transforming a $1 bill into much more than something disregarded at the back of your wallet or scrunched up in your pocket.

We ordered a first round of drinks and automatically started to scrummage through our pockets for $1 bills. The bar tender handed us a wooden box filled with coloured Sharpie permanent markers and a staple gun. All conversation died down as we each wrote a message and signed our $1 bills. I wrote a message on behalf of the MY Emelina crew, while some of my fellow crew members dedicated their donation to ‘the boys back home’ or to their past UK navy escapades. The next step, after I had photographed all activity (yes, I’m that snap-happy crew member who can be annoying but is thanked later), was to choose a spot to staple our donations. I went straight for a deer’s head mast on the wall which was already buried in dollars. The rest of our group climbed onto tables and chairs, balancing beers in hand and stapled their messages over old, discoloured $1 bills. We definitely left our mark at The Griffon which will hopefully withstand the season’s stream of tourists.

The Griffon in Charleston, South Carolina

The Griffon in Charleston, South Carolina

If you are in Charleston, try squeeze in a beer or two at The Griffon and make sure you have a batch of $1 bills in hand πŸ˜‰ It is a great place to enjoy some Southern charm, local beers and form memories that will be eternally imprinted on the travel section of your mind. We had great fun and will always remember our brief stop at The Griffon in Charleston πŸ™‚

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