The BIG idea


The BIG idea

If you don’t imagine, dream and think BIG then you will never make it BIG! – Katie Wilter

I woke up a few mornings ago with an awesome BIG business idea.This ‘ping’ light bulb moment is how my blog idea first started.I reached for my laptop and put my ideas down in a Word document before they were forgotten like a dream.

After emailing my BIG, crazy, very exciting idea to my like-minded friends back home, my creative escape idea is growing.My besties have sent me some great links with similar business developments which has made me realise that my idea could actually work. Thanks guys! It has the potential to be something awesome which is my motivation to continue working as a domestic goddess on this boat to save enough money to make this dream a reality.

I look forward to bouncing more ideas off my inner circle before sharing it with you and hopefully collaborate with creatives out there. Anything is possible!

Watch this space…

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2 Responses to The BIG idea

  1. Nicoline says:

    …… watching this space Domestic Goddess… all good things are working waiting and working for! x x x x x

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