Zip-lining at Loerie Farm’s Fly Zone in Sint Maarten

A Tarzan-type scream came out of nowhere as something flung across the trees above. I burst out laughing, turned to Hayley and said, “Thank goodness we chose to do the normal Fly Zone experience and not the Fly Zone Extreme!” She laughed and nodded in agreement while balancing on a wooden pole in mid air.

Loterie Farm is a must-do destination if you ever set foot on Sint Maarten in the Caribbean. Ryan, Hayley and I rented a car and headed there a few Saturdays ago to do the highly recommended zip-lining obstacle course called the Fly Zone at Sint Maarten’s tree-top adventure park. We diligently refrained from partying on the Friday night in Simpson Bay so that we were fresh for an action-packed day.

After Ryan decided to do the Fly Zone Extreme, Hayley and I left him to enjoy a seafood platter in the Tree Lounge. We then met our guide, Ling aka Monkey Man, who kitted us out in our safety harness gear and ‘brake’ glove. I thought we would have a short intro preparation chat to ease us into the Fly Zone but no such luck. Instead, we were climbing the first tree, clipping our locking carabiners onto the red-marked wire and were tackling the first stretch.

My hands started to get a little shaky as adrenaline rushed through my blood stream. I looked across at the first tight-rope stage of the obstacle course several meters above the ground. I’m not scared of heights but decided not to take the risk by looking down at the ground so set my sight ahead of me and got to the other side a little shaky but was laughing by the time I was flying down the first zip-line. Hayley was a natural and raced through each stage of the Fly Zone with grace and speed. Ling and I named her Tarzan’s Jane as she glided through the air. The zip-lines were so much fun and exhilarating; which triggered some childhood nostalgia of enjoying a home-made foofy slide at Gavin’s house with my brother, Mike, and I. How far I have come after being a scared little 8-year old not wanting to jump out the tree 😉

Ryan decided to go all out and did the Fly Zone Extreme. The group were driven up to the top of the forest canopy where they zip-lined longer, higher and way more hardcore lines. Sadly, Ryan left his new GoPro’s battery so was unable to film his experience….next time, Rion Torp!

After we conquered the Fly Zone, Hayley and I headed to a comfy couch in the Tree Lounge for a well deserved Mojito cocktail and light lunch. I can highly recommend the red pepper stuffed with Greek salad and the crab cakes. Delish!

It is a day that I will never forget – a trio of happy yachtie travelers taking a break from the sea and playing in the tree-top forest like naughty monkeys…. which led to sundowners in Grand Case and Soggy Dollar‘s White Party that night. Happy days!

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