Quirked! Digital Marketing Course Victory Dance

Towards the end of last year, I decided to enroll in Quirk’s 10-week Digital Media course. I wasn’t sure if I’d get through all the course content and pass the weekly assignments in between working long days and nights with the owners and their guests aboard MY Solaia. However, I had been wanting to do this course for ages so I thought why not master my juggling act? I apologize for my very quiet blog during this time but I’m back in action and plan to blog regularly 🙂

I’ve had quite a number of friends ask me whether the course is worth doing and I say hell yes! Do it!

The course description, as stated on Quirk’s website, follows:

Quirk Education, in partnership with the University of Stellenbosch’s Business School Executive Development LTD (USB-ED), presents the distance-based, ten-week Digital Marketing course. This flagship online course is designed to give you a holistic and industry relevant understanding of marketing in a digital age.

There are eight modules with assigned weekly readings, case studies and assignments along with weekly mid-week online chat sessions with the course co-ordinator and fellow classmates. Each assignment is practical, realistic and boosts your confidence as you put theory into practice. At the end of the course you submit a research project where you create your own digital marketing strategy for any brand you choose. If you score above 75% for the course you are eligible to write a 2-hour accreditation exam.

You also get the Quirk Digital Marketing textbook (with a treat) posted to you at the start of the course. Unfortunately, I only got mine when I popped home to Cape Town a few weeks ago but at least I will have it for the accreditation exam. I managed to read the chapters on my Mac Book Pro screen but I would advise trying to get hold of the brick of digital knowledge beforehand.

After successfully completing all of this, I am now the proud owner of the digital Noddy badge seen below 🙂 Yes, I am a stoked geek who has qualified to write the accreditation exam later this month to become an official Quirk Digital marketer.

Quirk Certificate Course in Digital Marketing_Virtual Badge

I dedicate the victory dance video below to all my fellow classmates who perfected their juggling acts over the 10 week period. #QuirkEd moral support on Twitter helped me a great deal when we stressed about getting the work done in between day jobs, children, spouses, and other commitments. As a super yacht stewardess, I also had to manage my time and plan ahead for deadlines with changing time-zones and being out in rough seas where the wifi was unsteady and the swells made reading and writing a challenge. This is what makes the victory dance so well deserved by us #QuirkEd kids. Thank you Abby Mills for being such a great course co-ordinator too. You were so accommodating with my constantly changing time-zones and sea dilemmas. Congrats guys! It was great being in ‘class’ with you and hope to stay in contact. Who knows when we may land up strategizing together?

Now do the victory dance. Hahahahaha! Hillarious!!! You may wear clothing if you so desire 😉

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One Response to Quirked! Digital Marketing Course Victory Dance

  1. Alan Vesty says:

    Congrats fellow Quirk grad – a well-deserved victory dance 🙂

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