My 2012 Travel in a Nut shell – ‘The year of conquering the Americas’

As I fly home to Cape Town on this SAA flight surrounded by Saffas from all walks of life, with 14 hours to kill, my mind has been concocting a blog post. I have not been home for a year and am overly excited to see my family and friends even if it is only for a very brief 12 days. I tend to reflect on the past when traveling across far distances so here is a synopsis of my past year – 2012 ‘My year of conquering the Americas’

Countries visited: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, USA, Mexico and Canada

Favourite destinations: Very tough to define but top of the list includes: Halifax, Rio de Janeiro, New York City, and Inca Trail area

Number of postcards collected and displayed on cabin walls: Approx. 21

Number of sunrises and sunsets witnessed out at sea with no land in sight: Approx. 30

Number of Northern stars seen out at sea: Probably all of them as there were far too many to count

Yacht stewardess jobs:  Two

Number of times I have been properly sea sick: Four

Number of toilets / bathrooms cleaned: Lost count [*Too busy reminding myself I do in fact have a university degree]

Number of meals served to yacht guests: Approx. 180

Favourite actor crush: Joseph Gordon-Levitt [Just watched Premium Rush – thank you SAA inflight entertainment]

Number of Starbucks Moccha Lite Frappaccinos consumed: Approx. 25

Favourite chocolate bar: Twig

Favourite USA meal: A burger tied with sushi 

Favourite beer tasted and consumed: Canadian Beer

2012 Anthem: Calvin Harris ‘Feel so Close’ and Goyte ‘Someone that I used to know’

Number of live music concerts attended: Approx. 22 – best ones include Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Third Eye Blind, Ben Harper, The Melodotones, Eve 6 and Everclear

Number of kilograms put on and then lost: Approx. 6kg [*Have refused to weigh myself for the past 6 months but fit into old clothes again]

Number of books read: Five – this number does not include current Digital Marketing course material. I’ve been too busy working, blogging, studying and partying

Number of photographs taken: Approx. 2549

Number of items of clothing purchased: Approx. 22 [ROSS Relapses, GAP and Urban Outfitters got the better of me]

Number of electronic devices purchased: 5 – 2 x smart phones, MacBookPro, Canon camera, Kindle

Number of travel bucket list items ticked off: 6 – see my travel bucket list

Number of New Years Resolutions completed: 3/3 – almost once I bank my savings 🙂

Number of great global friends made: Endless

Number of fond memories: Endless

Number of white feathers discovered: Approx. 369

Number of Hearts healed: 1 ❤

Excitement level for what the next chapter has in stall for me: Border-line ADHD toddler who has just eaten a slab of Cadbury’s chocolate kind of excited!

It has been a journey of a life-time but it’s not over yet! I have always wanted to visit the Caribbean and that is my next destination. St Maarten, I cannot wait to meet your French/Dutch fun loving neighborhood before heading down to BVI Tortolla for a Christmas/ NYE charter. I realized that I have not had more than a weekend off since January so I am in desperate need of a holiday break. M/Y Solaia crew, I’ll see you in two weeks hopefully feeling refreshed and ready to give the next season horns!

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