Two of my favourites in one! You want to listen to this!!!

Hi y’all, firstly I apologize for being shockingly scarce lately. I’m perfecting my juggling act of completely the last week of the yachting season while not successfully managing to put in enough hours towards Quirk’s Digital marketing course. So here is my peace offering:

Two of my favourites – Calvin Harris merges sweet sounds with Florence Welsh’s amazing-zing voice. My lil Saffa sis, Rox, who worked with me on my former yacht posted this YouTube video on my Facebook wall today and it has made my day! (Thanks Rox ;))

M/Y Solaia is back in Fort Lauderdale after being slapped around all day by tropical storm ‘Sandy’. We have reached our final destination for the season and are back to where we started in May. We have five days left with the owners and guests onboard before some time off and a month in the ship yard. This track is my warm-up for the epic reunion with all my Laudy yachtie mates next week. Bring your A-game kids!

Mucho amore


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