What this Nomad craves and is working towards…

I am about to embark on the near impossible but I love a good challenge. On Monday, I start Quirk‘s 10-week online Digital Marketing course while working through a two month charter on the USA east coast. Yes, I am officially stark raving mad! The course outline states that I will need to put in approximately 8-10 hours work a week so I plan to multi-task by watching lecture videos while ironing in the laundry. While guests are chatting at the dinner table after their meal, I will be researching and writing my assignments in the galley. In November and December, the yacht will be in the ship yard so I will have evenings and weekends to make up for potential poor performance over October. Eeeek!

The domestic goddess work of being a super yacht stewardess is starting to take its toll. My body is run down, sleep? (who needs it?), I don’t have time to have my hair cut or my legs waxed but I am seeing the world and saving more money than I could ever do working in South Africa. I am investing in myself, my media career, and am working towards a lifestyle goal. There are a few simple things in life that stable land-based people take for granted –  things that I am currently craving and working towards in the next year or two: a pet kitten, a plant, a gym membership and setting up an apartment back home in Cape Town…

A cute grey long-haired tabby kitten

A Basil plant named Basil

A gym membership and time to go to gym at least three times a week

An apartment in this gorgeous city I call home, CAPE TOWN!

Wish me luck and I’ll let you know how my journey unfolds…

Kind Regards,


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3 Responses to What this Nomad craves and is working towards…

  1. Mercedes says:

    The best of lucks to you!!!!

  2. Aneesh Bhandari says:

    Hi Nomad
    I have also registered for this course. I am digital marketing analyst (with a focus on fmcg and f&b companies) with an IT company in Chennai, India. IT would be challenging to keep up with course for me too as the market is getting better and their are a lot of client presentations coming up. Had a a few local course options but Quirk’s course content is better. I hope to learn and also establish myself in the digital marketing space. Would like to stay connected through the duration of the course and leverage from interaction with peers.
    Best regards,
    Aneesh Bhandari

  3. Aneesh Bhandari says:

    Wrong id in the last post .. it aneesh.bhandari@….com

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