Meeting Jerry Springer at ‘The Price is Right’ Live Show in Atlantic City

‘Come on down’ is the well-known catch phrase from America’s oldest game show, which is now a live show hosted by Jerry Springer. Last night, our yacht owners took some of the crew to ‘The Price Is Right’ Live show at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City. What a laugh!

The American ‘cheese-factor’ was personified with a brightly coloured stage set, a pair of show girls with smiles painted on their faces who stroked and presented exciting prizes from refrigerators, tandem bicycles, a car, to a jumbo remote control.

After the show, audience members / contestants were invited up on stage to meet Jerry Springer, spin the wheel, take photos and of course, get a t-shirt. Our generous owner insisted we go up and get involved in the post-show festivities, so I said, ‘Sure, it will be make a fun blog’.

Jerry was a polite gentleman, meeting us each with a hand shake and friendly smile. I never thought I would ever cross paths with Jerry Springer. I am happy to report that I did not meet the TV icon at The Jerry Springer Show. Yes, I am not married to my brother/ a crack whore / stripper who enjoys finger snap wars, shouting profanities on air or throwing chairs at people in a tacky outfit with horrendous hair. Trashy much!?!

As you can see below, I didn’t fall over when spinning the wheel like so many TV contestants have done in the past. I took centre stage and spun the wheel in my debut American cheeeeeesey moment. 😉

Spinning the wheel! Look at me putting my back into it!

What a laugh!

Da daaaaa! My chief stewardess, Clancy, and I then posed next to the show’s logo sign. Yes, our stew smiles continue to dazzle onlookers 😉

Clancy and I imitate the show girls! 😉

As a friend, Grant, reminded me – it is important to remember Jerry’s farewell saying, ‘Look after yourselves and each other’. Last night was definitely a night to remember – American cheese at it’s best! Thank you, Jerry Springer and Atlantic City!

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2 Responses to Meeting Jerry Springer at ‘The Price is Right’ Live Show in Atlantic City

  1. Brian says:

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I am going to this show next weekend and cannot wait. I hope I get called to come on down! I was wondering how early do you have to get there and when does it end?

  2. katiewilter says:

    Hey Brain, you need to register to be chosen and to get a name tag before the show – even a day before? It started late and lasted about 2-3hours I think. Have fun!

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