Meet Solaia’s new addition – the mini table-tennis table

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Ryan has been working on a secret project in between full charter days and nights. From a flimsy 6mm piece of ply-wood, eight coats of paint each individually sanded, bordered with an aluminum frame; he has created a work of functional art. Today, he unveiled his master piece to our yacht owners – meet M/Y Solaia’s latest addition, the mini table-tennis table! Ryan’s attention to detail, evident in the Solaia logo painted on the table in silver, along with his creative eye, made it possible to fit a mini table-tennis table on board a yacht where storage space is limited. Our yacht owner, who is an avid table-tennis player, is absolutely ecstatic with this new addition to the yacht. This evening, we unveiled the table on the sun deck and had a mini tournament where the whole crew got involved. With mini bats in hand, it took some adjustment getting familiar with the mini table but after a few rounds of practice rallies, we were on fire. I predict many laughs and hours of entertainment up on the sun-deck in the future! Good job, Ryan!

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