An old school music video that will make you chuckle!

Cedric, the French chef on board, showed me this music video today and I had to share this comic relief. You will recognize the well-known song ‘Oh what a night’. This is the French version by Claude Francois, who was a lady’s man. As you can see in the video; his 70s suit, flowing blonde locks and polished dance moves made Claude quite the icon back in the day. Sadly he passed away at aged 41 in a shocking lightbulb changing accident.

I must also highlight the back-up dancers’ outfits which have re-emerged in today’s fashion trends… white vests with the song’s title written in sequins, itsy bitsy shorts on as tiny women. These skinny-malinks are set in front of brightly coloured geometric shapes. Next come the bikini sequins outfits…. um…. I actually have no words! Perhaps if ladies today included star jumps into their dance routines they may fit into their outfits one day.

Kind Regards,

VH1 flash back

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One Response to An old school music video that will make you chuckle!

  1. helencaryl says:

    this made my day!! thanks for sharing, love ur blog 🙂

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