Getting soggy Red Sox in Boston

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I felt like I had entered a scene from Drew Barrymore’s 2005 movie, Fever Pitch, revealing the lives of 150% dedicated Red Sox fans. The front row of our section was filled with Red Sox clad fans – with cigars in mouths, shaking hands with fellow regular season ticket holders, and exchanging that mutual hardcore fan glance with one another…just like the movie. Yip y’all, last night I ticked off another bucket list bullet point – seeing the Red Sox play at Fenway Park in Boston.

With tornado warnings off the coast, we left the yacht with gusts of wind and short heavy downpours. Despite this, some of our crew excitedly accompanied the yacht owners for a taste of some authentic American culture. Unfortunately, as we reached our seats the skies opened so we dashed down to the food court area for some Monster ‘Fenway Franks’ hotdogs. Boy, were they delicious!

Armed with Red Sox branded plastic ponchos, we braved the rain and headed back to our seats to watch the Boston Red Sox play against the Toronto Blue Jays. I only have a rough idea of how baseball works with innings and home runs; which is somewhat similar to cricket. I wasn’t too bothered about the technicalities of the sport as I was savouring the  sensory experience with cotton candy sellers, reclined fans surrounded by peanut shells and one of the cutest baby outfits I have seen in a while. Red Sox fans are born and bred like a little guy in his Mom’s ams wearing the cutest navy blue beanie topped with a mini baseball. One day he will probably answer the question below like Ben in the movie Fever Pitch:

Reporter: Where do the Sox rank in terms of importance in your life?
Ben: I say the Red Sox… sex… and breathing!

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Sadly, the rain continued with a vengeance so play was suspended which meant that my first baseball experience was cut short. I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in the baseball fever as it reminded me of being at a rugby game in South Africa where fans are born and bred to be loyal, hardcore supporters of the sport they love. So with soggy socks and my new gangsta Red Sox ‘B’ baseball cap, we headed back to the yacht after a short but sweet experience at Fenway Park.

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One Response to Getting soggy Red Sox in Boston

  1. Sounds fun! I still can’t really ‘follow’ baseball, but I have fun everytime I go! Also, it is a pretty stereotypically American thing to do… fun times!

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