It’s views like these in Bar Harbor that make work as a super yacht stewardess worth it!

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My former bosun, Jarryd, had told me numerous times how beautiful Bar Harbour, Maine is. Initially, I thought, ‘Yeah, the East Coast / New England is picturesque so it will probably be similiar to what I’ve seen’. (spoilt traveller I know!) How I under-estimated Bar Harbor!

I was on the bow (front of boat) with French chef, Cedric, in snap-happy heaven as we made our way into Bar Harbour at dusk. The landscape with rock faces bordered with vegetation; seas scattered with lobster pods, the smell of pine tress (yes really – you can smell the trees from out at sea) and sunset views that instantly make you smile.

Jarryd also told me that witnessing sunrise from the top of Cadillac mountain is breath-taking. Unfortunately, we are on anchor while in town so I am unable to make it there this trip. However, thanks to the joys of the internet and YouTube, you can witness this gorgeous sunrise right here (Try to ignore the shaky handheld videographer):

I hope my photographs can make you smile as you realize how beautiful the world we live in really is!

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