How to get some exercise and fight yachtie ‘boat bloat’. Seriously try this!!!!

As a yachtie, there are many influences and causes for the inevitable weight gain or, as I like to call it, ‘boat bloat’: the crew mess snack cupboard; the top chef’s large delish meals twice a day; binge drinking when you have time off; being stuck on anchor and unable to get onto land; being homesick; crew politics or just being totally exhausted!

I have been craving proper exercise lately and have managed to fit in a few runs over the past few months. This is unlike my former routine in ‘normal office job life’ where I would exercise at least three times a week. Anyway, we all suffer from this problem so I present thee with a challenge:

Firstly, download this track below and put it on your iPod or MP3 player.

Passire – Chad Le Clos Olympic Mix 2012

This 25 minute dream set of busting tunes will give you the energy to run and will kick-start those endorphins. Be sure to turn up the volume really high! This will assist in distracting you from realizing that you are out of breath and will send you back to that awesome night squeaking some takkie (dancing) in an epic club like Space in Miami or Ibiza.

Pick a street or pathway with a gorgeous view and start speed-walking, jogging or running. I was spoilt for choice in Bar Harbor, Maine, and landed up running along the water and past numerous palatial homes. While thinking about becoming a gold-digger and landing a hot crib but then remembering my moral code, I embraced the gorgeous views, the burn in my legs and blood rushing through my veins. Also, if you’re snap-happy like me, combine your run with sightseeing and do some ‘jogging photography’ 🙂

iPod, red sweaty face and a smile. Thank you endorphins!

The beauty about Passire’s 25 minute set is that you can run non-stop for the duration or you can double up and run in one direction for 25 minutes and then turn around and head back to where you started for another 25 minutes. This evening I did the latter which was wise as I may have got lost in Maine?!?!

The selection of tunes ensure that you run at a fast pace and you will probably find yourself trying to sing along while increasing each stride. The set is dedicated to South African Olympic Gold medalist, Chad le Clos, which inspires you to work even harder. ‘The Chad’ beat Michael Phelps so just imagine what you can achieve! When you hear Coldplay’s slower section of the set, you are almost there. Start winding down and prepare to turn around or to end your workout.

Ideally, find a finishing location in a park with a view. Luckily, I found both where I could catch my breath, stretch my limbs and take in the aerial view of Bar Harbour. While waiting for my crew to return from their runs, I finished off my workout with some sit-up exercises and some deeper stretches.

So yachties (and non-yachties), give it a shot and let me know how it goes [Write in Comments section below]. I am challenging myself to try get on land three times a week to have a break from work, the yacht and to enjoy some me-time! Bring it! 😉

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