A must read book – 1,001 Meditations by Mike George

Last week I purchased a great little coffee table book entitled 1,001 Meditations at an arty store in Portland, Maine. The inspirational pages chill next to my Kindle and have made my cabin corner / bedroom a little more cosy. The square colourful book of 1001 inspirations includes great graphics and is jam-packed with quotes and passages that are food for thought. It is a tool to make any crap day that much better! During long yacht charters, I know this little paper brick will keep me grounded, focused and cheerful. I plan to consult the little guy every time I am being a Negative Nancy.

1001 Meditations by Mike George

Amazon‘s synopsis sums up this little gem so well:

1,001 Meditations provides tips, techniques, and insights to last a lifetime of meditation. In this pleasingly chunky, richly colorful guide, step-by-step meditations and simple visualizations are interspersed with illuminating affirmations and inspiring quotations to ponder over. Best-selling author Mike George takes meditation off the cushion and into everyday life, suggesting meditations for any time of day, whether the practitioner is walking, waiting in line, or in the middle of a crowded room. Organized by theme, the subjects presented are those that have engaged humanity for the ages: dealing with adversity, how to be good, luck and destiny, and even the nature of true love. A miniature treasure trove of wisdom and insight, 1,001 Meditations is the perfect roadmap on the path of enlightenment.

So go on, get your copy of 1,001 Meditations to nurture your mind and soul when you need some inspiration or simply want to maximize your me-time. 🙂

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