My creative outburst!!!

I constantly have 5 zillion ideas bouncing off the walls of my mind at such a fast rate that they seem to get buried and lost. As such, it is difficult to focus and develop each creative spark to its full potential. These ideas ping-pong around so quickly like lottery draw balls trying to jump into the lime light. I usually try write in my journal, take a photo, post a blog, or save a phrase on my phone as soon as an idea pops into my head. However, work and life chip away at the hours of the day. I need to vent, express some creativity as I’m feeling limited, deprived, almost trapped. So here are my current thoughts on fashion, sketching and graphic design in a strange non-coherent creative outburst.

*Warning: this blog post is beyond random*

A thought on fashion

As a super yacht stewardess, I wear the same uniform everyday with my hair pulled back, no jewelry – just professionally bland. Over the past week or so I have had some time off to wear what I want. Also, I know I shouldn’t but I’ve been shopping…a lot. Fashion expresses your identity, your brand. Yes, I Katie Wilter am a brand. My marketing tools include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, this blog, my CV. My fashion dresses my brand – a varying corporate identity. My brand has been developed over the past 26 years influenced by my education, friends, family, travel, and life experiences. I love quirky accessories and fashions that are unique, arty and make me feel more me. My latest wardrobe additions include a teal head bow/wire scarf from American Apparel and a cream knitted beanie sort of cap which I adore.

A thought on sketching

I bought a sketch book to practice my drawing and to get the creative juices flowing again. It always takes a bit of time to create polished drawings but I don’t have too much time so I just started scribbling. This was the abstract product of my creative outburst in the crew mess:

A cat woman creature, sun, Cannon camera,trees, a deformed hand/claw, brick wall, hills…pure randomness in charcoal!

A thought on graphic design

It is so great to have CS6 Photoshop and Illustrator to play with on my sexy new MacBook Pro. All I need now is to upload Indesign and I’m sorted! Well sort of…for the 30 trial period until I have to pay another $1899 on the software. Is there a kind soul out there who wants to donate the codes or some moola? (Just putting it out there ;))

Here is an eye graphic that I’m experimenting with at the moment. It could be a reinvention/ redesign of my blog header or the start of a self-portrait vector graphic … watch this space.

Whew! This little creative workshop has been fun and quite therapeutic. Congrats if you read this entire post – I know I am a random art fart!

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