If Halifax were a person…

After getting to know Halifax and really enjoying her company over the past month, I thought I’d introduce this unique character to you, prospective Canadian travellers.

Halifax has a refreshing, dazzling smile and is the friendliest person I have ever met in the world. Yes in the many countries and cities I have visited, Halifax doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. For instance, when you want to cross a busy street Halifax, along with her family and friends, will gently step on the brakes and let you take your merry time to cross the street. As a somewhat lost tourist-pedestrian, I felt a bit bad at times; however, Halifax drivers insist on being polite.

Her dress sense is eclectic vintage with a touch of modern mainstream fashion. She has a slightly emo grunge look that is reflected in the vast street art scattered across her body. Halifax expresses her unique creativity with a large detailed tattoo that stretches from her neck down across to her waist. You may be visualizing a slightly intimidating Goth type; however, Halifax is the polar opposite of this. It really is so easy to chat to Halifax and her inner circle about anything and everything. Her natural, down-to-earth persona doesn’t judge you but rather treats you like a long time friend who could chat for hours on end.

As such, Halifax is naturally hospitable and loves hosting festival events that cater for the entire family. In the past month, I have joined Halifax at great events such as the annual Jazz Festival, The Tall Ships Festival and the International Busker Festival. Her  great organisational skills, unique creativity along with her attention to detail places her at the top of my potential party planner list. Furthermore, her iTunes playlist includes a wide variety of live music from jazz, funk, rock and pop which we have danced to on numerous occasions with her favourite Alexander Keith beer in hand. Good times!

As our yacht crew bid Halifax farewell tomorrow I know she will give us each a warm, genuine hug goodbye and will insist that we return in the future. I look forward to meeting Maine next week and hope that her American charm can match up to half of Halifax’s down-to-earth, kind and friendly personality. Halifax, it’s been more than a pleasure. I will always remember my time spent with you and your Nova Scotian family. xoxo

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One Response to If Halifax were a person…

  1. kristaspurr says:

    What a great account of my hometown! It sounds like you had a nice visit, don’t be a stranger!

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