Discovering Nova Scotia’s Arichat and the The Fourth Well

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“Is that frogs or music playing?” asked Ryan, the Aussie first mate, as we climbed up a dirt road through tall grass. I asked my crew, “Where are we again, guys? I know it’s somewhere in north Nova Scotia…” As our yacht crew moves location each day, we don’t know for certain where we will be heading in the near future. “Arichat Harbour or something like that,” Mini, the Scottish deckhand informed me. Our lovely yacht owners insisted that the crew go on land to attend the town ‘dance’ after they met some friendly locals so we hopped on the tender boat and set off to find this ‘dance’.

As we reached the main street, we discovered that there was indeed music and even better, a live band. As we approached the stage, The Fourth Well were performing a Mumford and Sons cover and they were doing a superb job. “A collective of six musicians hailing from rural Nova Scotia. Traditional to Alternative sounds… Celtic Fusion,” is how the band describe themselves on Twitter. They performed on a portable stage in a cornered off section outside the local Irish restaurant / bar and their presence attracted a growing crowd of locals.

After we hit the bar for some drinks, we headed out to the stage to enjoy this surprisingly great band. We decided that the lead singer, Johnathan Bennett, had an ama-zing voice that would suit Kings of Leon songs. So, I had a big sip from my blue party cup (blue for Canada, red for USA) and went up to ask the lead singer if the band could play a KOL song for us. He replied, “Oh, are you from that big yacht out there? Yeah OK sure”.


The Fourth Well started to play the acoustic introduction to the KOL hit Closer and then Johnathan said, “This is for the international crew with us tonight!’ It was the best cover of KOL‘s Closer I’ve ever heard! The band’s Celtic Fusion sound added something unique to the popular hit. Could these guys get any better? O wait, yes, the proceeds from their performance go towards the ‘I Call ‘Arichat’ Home” initiative who are raising funds for support breakfast/lunch programs at Ecole Beau Port, Felix Marchand, West Richmond and Richmond Academy. What legends!

We had a great time being off the yacht for a bit, loved the music and even joined in with the dancing couples. The Fourth Well, a local Nova Scotian band is more than just a local band, they are of an international standard and I would encourage anyone who appreciates quality live music, to find their next live performance if you are in the Nova Scotia area. For those of you who are abroad, listen to their music on their stylish and suitably designed website. Thanks guys for a great night that we will all remember! 🙂

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7 Responses to Discovering Nova Scotia’s Arichat and the The Fourth Well

  1. It’s great that you never know what you’re going to stumble across! Sounds like a good night 🙂

  2. Thank-you for visiting Arichat, and for making your way up to our celebrations!

  3. Jake Boudrot says:

    I am the editor with the local newspaper and would like to arrange for an interview with the author of this article.
    We’re interested in getting the writer’s impressions of the area.
    I am currently on vacation but will be back to work on Monday so you can contact me at The Reporter newspaper at (902) 625-3300.

  4. Lisa says:

    I would like to thank you for your kind words regarding my son Johnathan and The Fourth Well. They make us all very proud!

  5. Diana Samson says:

    very talented young men…heard that the crew from that yacht also visited our marina and even invited some of our members to visit them on board!!! nice people all over the world!!!!

  6. health says:

    I go to see day-to-day some websites and blogs to read content,
    however this webpage provides quality based articles.

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