Remember those New Year’s Resolutions? It’s time to revisit them…today!

My 2012 began in the pouring rain on the shores of Florianopolis, Brazil. Two of my closest friends and travel companions, Alex and Louise, and I met a lovely Argentinian woman, Mercedes. The four of us shared our goals for the upcoming year over some caprinhas which unfolded into a festive evening. After we each set out our aims for 2012, we walked along the beach and offered flowers to the sea and made a wish for 2012 as part of a Brazilian tradition.

Mercedes, Louise, Alex and I set out our goals for 2012 in Florianopolis, Brazil

It’s almost August already so that night seems like ages ago. Fortunately, Mercedes Facebook messaged us today to update us with her excellent progress and to remind us about the goals we made. So far, we are all doing a superb job but a gentle reminder will ensure that we finish ticking off our lists by the end of the year. Our goals included things like learning new languages, saving money, focusing on our bodies and fitness and other personal aims too. What were your goals for this year? How many of them have to achieved already and what do you need to do to complete the rest?

I bought a journal at Johannesburg International airport as I left South Africa in December. The first page says ‘I dream…’ I re-read what I wrote months ago and it sums up my goals for 2012 and beyond. For me, it’s all about baby-steps and laying foundations for future opportunities to blossom into great success and fulfillment. I wrote, ‘I dream of writing a book about my journey finding magical places, beautiful people, true love and my inner truth’. I jotted this down on the flight from SA to Sao Paulo and I’m glad I did as it has renewed my determination to make my dreams a reality.

With the sad recent passing of Stephen Covey who wrote the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, I came across a blog today that offers 25 of his best inspirational quotes. One which relates to reviewing our New Year’s Resolutions is:

“Every human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.”

This reminded me that we create our own destinies so take a quiet moment sometime today to think about how far you have come this year and where you still want to venture. Jot these ideas down in a journal or even on a post-it (like Alex would ;)). You have the power and creative imagination to examine your inner compass and follow your true north.

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