Cycling Photography in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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After 3 days of being out at sea travelling from Newport to Halifax, our crew were itching to get their feet onto land. Ryan, Aussie first mate, suggested going out on the yacht’s bicycles to explore Halifax, Nova Scotia. Ping! Thoughts of Zoe Deschanel doing ‘jogging photography’ in the movie Yes Man popped into my head. As the shameless snap-happy gal that I am, I jumped up, grabbed my camera and we set off to for our own tailor-made tour that I like to call Cycling Photography.

After having one too many Chang Beers (stoked to find our lil Thai gem in Nova Scotia) prior to departure,  I felt like a Tour de France cyclist tackling hill after hill up the Halifax city streets. But it was worth it! Not only did this fuel my creativity needed for Cycling Photography, it revealed the heart of Halifax from residential areas to bustling bars and .

We cycled all the way up to the historical site The Citadel where the sunset views overlooking the city streets, water and nearby island made the uphill trek worth it. As I was testing out Ryan’s new Giant bike, affectionately named Henry Hot-rod; I looked over at a slow-paced walking tour and thought how much better it is to check out a new destination on two wheels. Revolutionary tourism = Cycling Photography!

So I’m not going to write an essay on this Sparky idea as my photographs and captions speak for themselves. Follow my first taste of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Why don’t you give Cycling Photography a try to see what you come up with. You don’t even have to go somewhere new – rent a bicycle in your home town and get creative while working out. It’s a win-win!

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